Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish Meaning

After watching Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address, he said in last of his speech “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish” what is the meaning of this speech? I’m googling about it, and I found resolution about this doubt. I’m putting it, into my blog.. just for my reference and to remember it… this post is originally published on one of linked forum.

Hi all buddies,
what’s your opinion about Steve Jobs speech to Stanford graduate students (14th June 2005) a.k.a. “stay hungry, stay foolish” speech?

Have you ever seen it?

Francesco Inguscio
CEO at Nuvolab, President at ASSISTI

Hey Franc,
Great Question to ask, Its just like “Do you believe in yourself?”
Because whats “Jobs” is pointing at is the same, believe in our intuition, instincts, inner self, to do what we love to do.. to stop waisting time for something that’s certainly not what you believe in.

Henry Ford once said: “Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right. ”

This is what it exactly is, Jobs is just insisting all of us to do what we love… what we all are crazy about.. “Just go for it!” Kind of thing…

None of us knows that how long we are going to live, can’t live for century, even average life rate is now half a century. In this case how can we say that we waste our damn precious time in something that we don’t really believe in.

Only way we can do the best work in any field is if we are really in love in what we are doing, we love to do, we love to improve, we love to create, flourish, and extend to the no limits.

Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish…. is a mean to say, you should not worry about anything world is following.. you should try to keep yourself from herd mentality and give your self enough space and respect so that creativity in your can blossom. My one friend puts this in a way: “Starving for Challenges” in return of which I said: “Yes and Practice your dreams bit by bit”, in your life..

When we do what we are interested in, we find ourself hungry to do it more, with more perfection, with more passion and creativity, and thats what makes our work stand out of crowd. And just here being Foolish is too be enough wise to not hear or get influenced by other people’s being admired of your work and start doing something more better and different by again looking in yourself and believing in your instincts.

At last I would just love to say, I Believe! I do Believe!
Stay Hungry! Stay Foolish! 🙂
Hope it helps Franc. Please let me know if I can be helpful.

– Ali Sohani
Software Architect – Visionet Systems Inc.
Founder, Chief Researcher – Nanosoft Systems

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