Famous school/college dropouts

Although I Haven’t good academic  degree record, I’m fully thanks to whom who always support me to attend and finished college degree. I’m very weak in math, algorithm & statistic, while in Computer Science Degree dominated and ralated with mathematics which I’m very weak on it… 😦

But, it doesn’t matter for me… I just do and focus with what I’m love to do… everyday, everynight I just learn what I Love to learn, while all students just learn the learning path what the college provide that I’m less interest on it… there for I learn another knowledge but I’m focus on it, and this way who bring me to my career right now.

To finish college degree is important, but you should know what will you be in the future? If you know what will you be in future, get the right way to get it and don’t forget to focus on it.

Many people who drop outs from school/college they just do what they love to do and focus on it, I found interesting photos on yahoo singapore news, listed the Famous school/college dropouts :

courtesy of yahoo singapore news : http://bit.ly/ru8qEV

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