Stand Up for Singapore

Hi, in this post I want to share my new experiences… wait but this experiences not related to technical post. Last week, I went to Singapore for the first time, I came there for attending the training “Oracle Solaris Cluster Administration Ed.3” at Oracle Univeristy. When I was studying in university I Have a dream “one day I can work in that country…” I think everything is possible when we have a dream and passion.

I took flight around one and half hour, and this time was my first time fly with Singapore Airlines. When I arrived at changi airport, I felt wow it was a dream? I tried to pinch my self, yes it was not a dream I came to Singapore. Then, immediately I went to Imigration and took my baggage claim. After I got my baggage claim, I wait for the taxi..

In the taxy, there is little conversation with driver and he gave warm welcome to me.
Me : Marina Mandarin Hotel please, sir
Driver : so where you come from ?
Me : Indonesia,
Driver : Oh, yes.. how long you stay here
Me : a week. Where can I get MRT ticket?
Driver : In every MRT station, If you stayed at Marina Mandarin Hotel then the nearest MRT is Esplanade and City Hall MRT.

I stayed in Marina Mandarin Hotel for 6 Days, After I checked in.. I went to City Hall MRT. In fact I Don’t know the way to City Hall, but singapore is tourist friendly every place there was road marker and it help me to find the way.. it was awesome I think. First Day, at Oracle University class there was 4 other persons participant in the class.. they came from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and India.

Day by day stayed at Singapore, I felt comfort with this country… It make my dreams more strong and stronger. I wish one day this dream comes true,..

On 9th August was the Independent Day of Singapore, there was stage near Marina Bay for celebrating the National Day… it’s cool stage you know. I wish all the best for the singapore in 46th of National Day.